Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Snowboard Time Machine to the year 1999!

With the 2018 Winter Olympics ongoing, it reminded me of this Craigslist ad I put up in 2011 after finding an old snowboard left in the attic by the previous owners of a house we had just moved out of:

The previous owners of the house had left way too much stuff in the attic after they moved out in 2000. It wasn't until we were cleaning out attic for putting the house for sale in 2011 that we found the snowboard. I originally thought it was a monoski as I had not seen a snowboard shaped like that before. I googled snowboarding lingo to put in the ad, and sold it that week to a vintage snowboard collector who lived at Snoqualamie Pass (little did I know when I found it that 12 years old made it a vintage snowboard). After I sold it, I also got an enquiry from France about it. These days, I'm seeing these listed for over $500 on eBay.


  1. I have an even older one of Matt's in my garage rafters. It is a Burton with no metal edges, but two metal fins on the rear. I remember he rode it with Sorels-Snowboard boots had not yet been invented. I will have to pull it down, maybe a collector wants it too.

  2. Seems to be a early 80s Performer based on a quick ebay search, seeing prices in the 400-1000 range, and I think this one is nearly unused.